tiistai 2. toukokuuta 2017

International project in Leiria, Portugal

What is CSR? And how about GRI? How are these connected to companies in Finland and all over the world? How does it affect our everyday lives? 

Four business students from TAMK (Heidi Ahokas, Veli Ollonqvist, Teemu Pinomäki and Niina Suominen) took part in an international project in Leiria, Portugal 19.4.-21.4.2017. The project was the grand finale of Business Responsibility and Sustainable Development -course lead by Petriina Vuorinen. The main goal of the course was to find the answers to the questions above.

The course contained six lessons in Finland and a book essay before boarding to a plane to Portugal. Learning was a lot based on group conversations and discussion of the topic. We all chose a field of industry which we then studied through a company of our chose. One studied banks, the other insurance companies and there was also software and household products to look into.

We arrived to Leiria on Tuesday 18th after long hours of travelling. The next day we would meet the other students taking part of the project: the Belgians, the Dutch and the Portuguese. We would be divided into international groups with a goal to put together a cohesive presentation of our fields of industries.

On Wednesday 19th we woke up to rays of sun. After breakfast, we met up with our teacher, Petriina, who had arrived to Leiria beforehand. Lucky for us, we had a bus transport to Politécnico de Leiria, local university, where we would spend next couple of days working on our presentations. First all the 100 business students got together in an auditorium to hear a bit more about Leiria and the project. Then we were divided into teams and each team went away to spend some time getting to know each other. Most of the teams head to a mall close by to have some lunch. After lunch the teams went through the individual work and got started with the presentations.

On Thursday 20th we met at the school and finished the presentations. The best part of the day was a trip to Nazaré in the afternoon. Nazaré is a cultural location close to Leiria. There you can find a beautiful beach and sights, a monastery and many local cafes.

Friday 21st was the last day of our school work. It was also the day of our team presentations. Each team were given 15 minutes to share their thoughts on the topic. The presentations were interesting and students had put a lot of work to them. After the presentations, we were free to go on our ways. It would have been nice to have a final get-together with all the students but some had to already leave to airport. We Finns spent our last night in Leiria with the Dutch and left to Lissabon the next day for a couple days of holiday. 

Written by: Heidi Ahokas, Veli Ollonqvist, Teemu Pinomäki and Niina Suominen