keskiviikko 12. huhtikuuta 2017

Startup Development: A Case Study - IWBAS

Our firm was listening an interesting lecture about founding a company in India as a foreigner. It was held by an American now living in Finland Jennifer Johnson who was part of a two-person team starting a company in India. The business idea was to find Indian exchange students for American universities.

They founded limited company named The International Knowledge Center in Bangalore. It was financed by the other stakeholder Indian CEO. At first they co-operated with four Indian universities.

There were some difficulties. Before American universities used paid agents to find exchange students. Those agents were paid by the number of students they recruited, which lead to that some also recruited unfit students etc. It had also impact on the reputation of exchange and because of this building the trust with the community was the most important thing to do.

They strived to differentiate from others by creating lot of contacts and not just business relations.  Glocal – be global act local. To success in India they needed to know about the Indian way of doing business. For example, authorities are highly valued in India and for that reason it was important to connect with people with high status.
They wanted that the students could get all the information at once for example they wrote a blog about international exchange. They tried to approach studying abroad differently by telling students about the possibilities and to parents about the career possibilities.

If she could do something differently now she would think where is the greatest value and focused in it instead of trying to do a little bit everything.

The bachelor’s degree of business administration is a four-year degree in United States. To apply you need to have had a SAT test also some universities demand motivation essays which can be about the most influential experience in your life. The studies include also couple practice periods in companies. Most of the graduates will be employed by the same companies where they have done their practice.

There is no one way of doing business in America. But generally, indulge is more valued and you need to be open and connect with people.

” Shed your fears and step out of your comfort zone”
- Jennifer Johnson

Written by: Tervecto OPY