lauantai 1. huhtikuuta 2017

Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship & Business Planning - IWBAS

Mr. Bereczk from University of Miskolc, Hungary was presenting social responsibility and business planning in Europe (especially in Hungary). He also declared about evolving problems (corruption, aging people etc.).

5 most interesting points of the lecture

1. Solutions for social problems
2. Charity vs. problem solving
3. CASEs for example “How mobile phones can fight poverty”
4. Social economy differences in different countries
5. Business model canvas vs. Social lean canvas

Interview of Mr. Adam Bereczk:

Q: What is the higher education in the field of business studies like in your country?
A: Most of the universities (60-70%) are state owned and only 30-40% are privately owned.       Only 20-30% of the lectures are in English.

Q:  How hard is the application process?
A: It’s pretty hard, but it also depends on if the school is public or private.

Q: How long is the duration of studies?
A: The duration of business studies is 4 semesters.

Q: How is the overall quality of teaching in Hungary?
A: In Hungary the universities mostly follow other universities and their teaching examples. The privately owned universities may have some research made of the quality of teaching and teaching techniques.

Q: Is it easy for the newly graduates to find a job in the field of business?
A:  Most students can find a job in half to two years after graduating. In Hungary there are more jobs than well educated workers which means that there is a shortage of workforce. If you can get in the university it is most likely that you will find a job after graduating.

Q: Is the system encouraging to work while studying
A: Yes, because these days it costs around 500-2000€ per semester to have a degree. Because of this it is very important for the students to find a job to pay for the tuition fee.

Q: Do you have any tips when doing business with Hungarian people?

A: Hungarians like to get evidence and proof so they can see the facts. Hungarians are also more talkative than Finns so they might talk you out.

In the picture: Antti Asp, Jaakko Aalto, Joonas Elo, Neea-Leena Aalto, Emilia Aaltonen, Adam Bereczk, Pinja Ekmark and Aatu Aula. Picture was taken by Santeri Aaltonen.

Written by: 16LiKo1