sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Financial Management and Valuation of Startups Part 1 - IWBAS

Week 13 has been an international week here in TAMK. We’ve had lectures by professors from foreign countries. We went to listen to Spanish professor José Luis Ruiz Del Portal Tranche from the Netherlands. He was speaking about funding and valuating of start-ups. José comes from the business world and has been teaching financial management in Amsterdam school of international business for 5 years.

The lecture was well organized and kept the audience interested the whole time. The main subjects were building a profit and predicting risks in the business. José talked about funding start-ups and the challenges in getting the investments. The challenge in evaluating start-ups is the lack of history and statistics. After the lecture we had the chance to ask questions and find out interesting facts about studying business and the culture of the Netherlands in general.

The questions were asked in three different perspectives; business, studies and work. José mentioned that the people in the Netherlands are more practical than academic. He stated that entrepreneurship is very popular precisely because of the practical mind-set the people have. The culture has an atmosphere of solving problems; when you find one, you create a solution.

Studying in the Netherlands is very organized and goal-directed. The school system is challenging and the students are given a lot of responsibility in arranging their studies. José mentioned that the grades aren’t as important to the students as the degree itself.  In the same way that in other countries the studies between universities and the universities of applied sciences vary. Universities have more theoretical approach in teaching and the universities of applied sciences have a more practical way of approaching studies. José pointed out that the foreign degrees are also appreciated in the Netherlands which is great news if you are planning to work there in the future.

In the business perspective the Netherlands is a performance-oriented country. Efficiency and ability to organize are highly valued. Employees have good opportunities to be successful in their careers despite of their background and education. Everyone in the Netherlands has an equal right of being heard and an opportunity to make a difference.

The overall experience of the lecture was eye opening and informative. It was clear that José had planned the presentation exclusively for us, as we are studying entrepreneurship and leadership. We will be able to put the information into practise when we start our own businesses in the fall of 2017.

Mr. José Luis Ruiz Del Portal Tranche and 16LIKO6: Nuppu Peltoniemi, Marika Tuominen, Maria Välimäki, Timo Myöhänen, Marianne Murto, Arttu Vitikainen, Mona Räsänen, Jasmeet Saini, Jesse Niemi, Olli Pohjoisvirta, Anssi Walta, Henri Roivas, Anna Vikman, Evianna Sipilä, Ville Pajala, Jenni Peräinen.

We kindly thank you José for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us!

“Life is a healthy combination of being skilled and practical”

– José Luis Ruiz Del Portal Tranche

Written by: 16LIKO6A and 16LIKO6B