torstai 6. huhtikuuta 2017

Communication for Business - IWBAS

Communication for business is one of the key things one needs to know when doing business. During the IWBAS week, we had a chance to participate in professor Anna Urban’s lecture ‘’Communication for Business’’.

5 interesting points in the lecture
  • Different factors of communication. In order to have good communication skills, you have to recognize these factors. These factors are context, values, goals and self-concept.
  • Communication style repertoire, which consists of language, co-operation and interactivity.
  • A Case where two different groups from different cultural backgrounds had business negotiations. Both had their individual goals to obtain. The final result was a win-win situation.
  • The difference of business communication in different countries. Culture has a lot to do with business communications. Each country has their own cultural values and it’s important to understand them when doing business with someone from a different background.
  • The importance of business communications in general. It is impossible to do any business without communication which makes it the most important factor in business. All of these things mentioned above with the addition of business values are the things form the big picture of business communications.

Interview of Mrs. Anna Urban:

We asked Professor Urban about the higher education in the field of business and the situation for newly graduates. She answered as follows:
Higher education in Hungary has the same structure which consists of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. University studies usually take about five years. There are state-owned universities and private universities in Hungary. Structure of education doesn’t differ much from Finland because of the Bologna Process.
For newly graduates, it is easier to find a job specifically in the field of business. She gave an example about her daughter who completed a university degree in different field but couldn’t land a job. After a while, she decided to complete business studied which eventually helped her a land a job.

From left to right: Samir Lazaar, Iida Makkonen, Niina Lilja, Mirka Lähteenmäki, Vili Lehto, lecturer Anna Urban, Ira Lehtonen, Tuija Lukanniemi, Monika Lehtonen and Eetu Lumiala

We want to thank Mrs. Anna Urban for an interesting lecture!

Written by: Arriba! Opy