perjantai 31. maaliskuuta 2017

Some specifics of the methodology for selection of investment projects - IWBAS

International lecture 30.3.2017

We are currently having an international week here in Tampere university of applied sciences.
Our theoretical practice company LivDeco took part in a lecture held by Vanya Tsonkova who is a assoc. prof. PhD from Bugaria. Her lecture’s topic was “Some specifics of the methodology for selection of investment projects.”

She started the lecture by telling us about the St. Cyril ad St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnov. The university has about 14000 students per year and over 60 fields of study. Here is the school’s website

The actual part of the lecture started with an opening question: “Money today is worth more than it will be in the future”, which was meant to surface questions regarding it.

The lecture was challenging but also interesting and it kept us interested through the whole lecture. We found it pleasing that we could use our knowledge from our first-year mathematic lessons to further help us understand the content. Especially our understanding of discount and annuity proved to be useful during the mathematically challenging part of the lecture.

Here are the topics which Ms. Tsonkova lectured us about:

1.      Methods general charasteristics
2.      Static methods of investment choice
  2.2 Method of minimum cost per unit
3.      Dynamic methods
  3.3 Internal rate of return
4.      The selection between investment alternatives

Our top 5 most interesting things about the lecture:
1. The means to compare projects and investments
2. Mathematical ways to count and compare the viability of project
3. Excel-program examples in investment calculation
4. Provided material to support the lecture which can be useful to us in the future
5. We found it interesting to hear about Bulgarian education system and university

Vanya Tsonkova’s interview:
We asked Vanya Tsonkova for an overview about bulgarian education system, business studies and future views for the graduated students. She answered as follows:

Business studies takes usually four years in their university. She recommended also to study an extra year to complete master’s degree. Students with master’s degree have higher employment rate than those without it.

During the first-year students are introduced to the basics of economics. During the second-year students, can specialize in example in finance studies, accounting, international business, management and public/business administration studies.  

When applying to the school students take part in entrance exam. This is also the second-year students are required to take an aptitude test. The great variety in public and private schools in Bulgaria provides many higher educations to choose from.
The strenght of St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnov is their large number of students. Many of their students come from nearby countries like Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia. At the graduation, most of the students stay in Bulgaria. 

Written by: LivDeco - Marius Kautto, Julia Rauma, Tuija Pöyhönen, Alex Renard, Sakari Salo, Aino Rajala & Elizaveta Huhtala