tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

Networking in sunny Portugal!

In January 2015 we started our course called Business Responsibility and Sustainable Development. We are a group of 13 business and tourism students with our group leader Taina. One part of our course was an international project in Leiria, Portugal with Belgians, Dutch and Portuguese students. In total there were around 100 people working with sustainability.

We worked for two days in international groups comparing sustainability in different companies from different countries. Every student had prepared a similar assignment about sustainability in their field of industry. Groups were formed according to the industries. The third day consisted of our conclusions in form of group presentations. 

We had done our pre-work well so it was very easy and comfortable to work with others. The most challenging thing was adapting to different cultures. For example timing, language skills, habits of group working and differences in pre-work were educational but quite tricky.

In addition to working we had time to explore the city of Leiria. We were really positively surprised how pretty and lively the city was! The local people were happy and friendly to us and our hotel, Saõ Luis, was great. We got really good service! You can ask more from us…

We walked around the city and visited the Castle and Museum of Leiria. In museum we tasted a local and traditional pastry which was made of egg yolk, sugar and almond. It was very sweet and exciting. We had dinner together every evening. We found a good pizza restaurant where we visited twice. There would have been plenty of possibilities for fresh seafood. 

We had a lot of free time and we did shopping, networking and partying with our new international friends. We truly recommend you to apply to this course next year! 

Written by Group Leiria 2015